About the Yoga Teacher

Lidiya playing a gong Lidiya playing a gong Lidiya playing a gong Lidiya playing a gong

Adventurous in her nature, Lidiya lived and worked in many countries before finally settling at Suryalila Retreat Centre in 2014.

Her background as a sustainable tourism management specialist contributed to creating the adventure and yoga retreat where she combines the love for the outdoors and spending time in nature with the strong desire to share what yoga gave her in life—inner strength, joy within and radiant health.

She has been teaching and leading retreats at Suryalila since 2015. Also, worked as a marketing manager and was personal assistant to the director of Suryalila.

"In depth yoga workshops combined with unique adventures in hidden natural gems every day, make her retreats one of a kind."

The purpose of our nature themed retreats is to create an environment for inner and outer wellbeing to flourish. Through yoga practices that guide you deeply inward and nature based activities, Lidiya aims to help people find freedom, inspiration and deep nourishment.

Lidiya is an experienced teacher leading various yoga retreats, community classes and most recently, advanced training modules. Yoga has been an inseparable part of Lidiya's life since discovering the practice in 2006 and teaching from 2014.

People often find her classes to be extremely inspiring and nurturing. They are vigorous and energising, and at the same time balanced with more gentle and calming sequences. Her guidance intends to leave your energy brimming with aliveness well after the class experience.

Lidiya puts strong focus on breath work while drawing awareness within to inspire conscious integration of the physical body and the subtle layer of the mind.

She is an attentive teacher and aims to inspire her students to bring meditation into movement and practice with awareness of the subtle details. It is the subtleties in the practice that help us refine and improve our present moment awareness. Lidiya tailors her yoga sessions in a way to assist the practitioners in finding spaciousness, inner quietness and depth in their practice.

To deepen your inner journey, her classes usually are accompanied with singing bowls sound therapy. With her Restorative and Nidra sessions she aims to awaken her students to the power of conscious rest.

Her Classes Intend To

  • explore how to harmonise all aspects of the practice to create a balanced, joyful and transformational experience.
  • encourage refinement of awareness of the present moment through paying attention to the subtleties in the practice.
  • enliven the energy that already exists within you and leave your mind spacious, clear and invigorated.
  • leave the Nervous System balanced and strengthened to reduce mental and emotional distress.
  • with her Restorative and Nidra sessions she aims to awaken her students to the power of conscious rest leading to harmony on all levels.

Personal Aspiration

"Do your practice and all you need will flow effortlessly in life…"


Apart from being trained in various styles of yoga, including 200 & 300 hour training with Frog Lotus Yoga International, Yin Yoga with Sara Powers, Therapeutic Yoga with Donna Farhi, she has also studied Sound Therapy and Thai Massage which she incorporates into her classes.

Yoga Testimonials

Really moved me and inspired me to deepen my yoga practice


The best yoga teacher I have ever experienced


Lidiya, specifically, is not only an incredibly knowledgeable, creative yoga teacher, but she's also an excellent hiking and local guide. She truly cared for all of us on the retreat the whole time we were there.

Kaylee Carpenter

The yoga was inspiring, varied and enjoyable.

Deborah Beaumont

Lidiya shared incredible yoga classes every day, the sessions were true yoga and she is a intuitive, passionate, knowledgeable teacher.

Peggy Renaudon

Amazing teacher, world class


Thank you so much for your great energy! I perceive you as such a humble, mindful and strong woman. You inspired me a lot before, during and after the week.

Lidiya is an amazing yoga teacher and human being. She exudes warmth and caring in her practice. Having not done yoga in years, I came as a beginner and she made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Veronica Keegan, Italy

Lidiya's yoga classes are rich and full of depth. The intelligence behind her sequences left me leaving the class more aware than when I entered it. It is clear from her classes that she is constantly educating herself and incorporating the knowledge into her classes to our benefit. I greatly appreciate the practices, tools and techniques (including fascia work) that she shares as well as her sweet and gentle spirit. I wouldn't miss a class with Lidiya and I highly recommend you don't.

Jessica, USA

We really enjoyed the yoga classes given by Lidiya on the adventure and yoga retreat. She took us through the poses with real attention and strengthened our practice, both in terms of connection to the pose and understanding of technique. The restorative sessions were healing and a great balance to the more rigorous morning sessions. We were also exposed to various other forms of yoga which were really fun and interesting to try. Lidiya was incredibly supportive and kind throughout.

April and James, UK

I loved my yoga classes with Lidiya. She is a patient and very experienced yoga instructor with a wonderful, calm nature. The classes were challenging (in a good way!) and you are able to enjoy them at your own pace.

Sophie, UK